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Let us help you choose your design, size and finish to create custom posters or menus.

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How we're different

Small Company

We are large enough to have the right resources and equipment to do your job well. We are small enough to give it the personal attention required to be sure it's done right.

Personal Service

We're not some large company.  We're in your neighborhood.  We shop at the same stores, walk the same sidewalks and drive the same streets.

Big Results

Our work will get you the results you're looking for.  Because of our industry connections, we have the ability to provide you with designs, and features you may not find elsewhere.

Printed to Influence

Designed for Any Purpose

Regardless of your business, we have the experience it takes to give you a great product that fits your needs.

Custom Work

You’ll get a completely unique design, not something template.

Fast turnaround

We understand business needs, so our turnaround can be from as much as a few days to as little as same day.

Large material selection

We have different colors and textures to fit any design and style.

Superior Service

When you want your posters printed on time, on budget, and beautifully, talk to me!

Complete Capabilities

We are deep in experience in the highly specialized field of digital poster printing, and we can talk to about your project.

Daisy Mae Printing and Design – We build beautiful design and provide great print products to our customers.

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"I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I've learned so much in this process that will help me down the line. Thanks Day!"

Billy C.

"I highly recommend working with Day. I don't always go out of my way to tell people about my experience, but in this case, I do. She's so involved in our community and does such good work."

Jennifer A.

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Once I can learn more about your objectives, I can create a design and a print marketing campaign, or digital campaign for almost anything you need. Let’s set a time to talk more about your needs.

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