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Customers who receive promotional emails spend 138% more than those that don’t.
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Gorgeous Design

Great layouts that get results with designs specific to all types of devices that access email.

Contact Management

With advanced analytics, we can tell you everything about your customers and potential customers, along with managing their name, email, phone, and order information.

Fully Responsive

More than 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Optimize your emails for small screens with our templates. They’ve been tested and are completely bulletproof—they even work in Outlook, and Gmail.

Professional emails start here.

We can help engage your customer base for more sales, or add to your existing customer base by finding you more. Your audience stays engaged, and ready to take action.

Automatically send the right message at the right time.

Personalized welcome, birthday, and anniversary emails to your customers, which builds a connection. Create a personalized email once, and set it to send automatically for triggers like birthdays or a customer milestone.

What converts?

With smaller, more focused feature sections and a large call-to-action, our email marketing templates are fantastic for launching that next great product or feature update.

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"I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I've learned so much in this process that will help me down the line. Thanks Day!"

Billy C.

"I highly recommend working with Day. I don't always go out of my way to tell people about my experience, but in this case, I do. She's so involved in our community and does such good work."

Jennifer A.

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