As we begin to wind down 2016, and 2017 is upon us, many people will be looking to create or revamp their small business. This may include a new logo, new marketing material, business cards and everything that goes along to promote your business. Let’s cover some areas that you can get in place quickly in order to give your business a refresh or new brand with minimal time investment.

Business cards

They are your ideal networking tool. Your business card says everything about you and your business. The most important part of a business card is leaving it in the right place, with the right people While we can’t always help with that, we can definitely give you the right look and connect other small business owners to you from our network of customers. To connect you to the right partners, vendors, and potential customers, you should attend trade shows, meet-up groups and local business networking events to get your business cards out to as many people as possible.


If you’re looking to get new business, try running a sale. You can run it on on certain products/services, or celebrate the end of the holiday season. January always brings out creative ways for people to sell their products and services. Advertising these special moments for your business is never easier than with a postcard. They are perfect for mailing or handing out, but also big enough to be remembered and small enough to be carried around.

Note cards

Getting customers to come back time and time again is a must for any business. One way to achieve that is to give the personal touch. Giving out handwritten notes to your customers will make them feel special. Say thank you or send a personal message on your branded note card will turn your occasional customers into loyal ones.

Hi, I'm Day.

Yes, my name is Day.

If you haven't met me yet, let me tell you alittle about myself. I'm a mother of 2 awesome kids. I'm active in the community and I enjoy what I do. I'm always interested in how I can help you.  Helping others makes me feel amazingly fulfilled and actively making the difference to those that need my services.